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«Ground pyrotechnic effects»

Let you event shine like a diamond with bright pyrotechnic effects! Our collection includes various special effects, such as "fountains”, “flashes”, large pyrotechnic “fans" and "Suns", revolving "windmills" and other abstract shapes. Ground pyrotechnics can complement another show from our portfolio or can be booked separately. Effects can be choreographed to music, positioned as a sparkling venue decoration or highlight special moments of your occasion. Apart from abstract figures we offer tailor-made logos, signs, numbers or phrases, illuminated by colorful LED lights & enhanced with sparkling pyrotechnic effects, made especially for your event theme.

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​​If you are looking for a truly masterpiece outdoor entertainment, don't miss the "Platinum", as this incredible show is a diamond of our fire collection!

«Gatsby night»

It's time for golden sparklers, vigorous music, juicy colors and dashing charleston. Get ready to dynamic, striking and amusing performance, created in Great Gatsby style! We invite you to a neverending party full of shiny dresses and sparklers!

«Wedding pyromusical show»

An incredible romantic surprise for the newly weds and all the guests: ignite a fiery heart to start a breathtaking ground pyrotechnic performance, choreographed to a music of your choice. Lighting up the night with bright pyrotechnic effects, this show turns to be an incredible background for a romantic dance and unforgettable wedding photos...

«Brand pyromusical show»

Let’s make your corporate party an event everybody will talk about! A key aspect of a successful corporate event is to connect your brand with positive emotions. We offer to add an impressive touch to your gala, a product launch, a corporate party or a business training with a bespoke pyromusical display based on a company logo!


Without any doubts a breathtaking fireworks display belongs to the most popular ways to add a touch of brilliance to any occasion and bring joy to guests of all ages. Especially suitable for New Years Eve’s, corporate celebrations, award ceremonies and weddings, an amazing fireworks display is a easy and proven way to boast the perfect finale to your event...

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