The dance is over, the applause subsided but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.

― W. M. Tory


Let It Burn!

Fire show Millennium was created on a simple, yet ambitious request — our client asked us to put together “the exciting wow-effect show that would surpass all the previous ones from the collection''. They wanted the audience to enjoy the coolest tricks, lots of fire, excellent music, and overall get an unforgettable experience. 

So we delivered! The show was such a success that we've immediately added it to our main portfolio. If we'd have to choose one word to describe Millenium, it would have to be “EPIC”. 

During 10 exceptional minutes, viewers get to see gigantic fire and pyro props - like flaming cubes and balls or sparkling fans and hoops. Expect wonderful gymnasts dancing with flames, top-notch large scale pyrotechnics, beautiful dancers in vivid costumes, fire breathing, impressive tricks, and so much more!

Want to add tons of energy to your next event? Millennium is the showstopper you've been looking for. 


5-10 minutes


4 - 6

Pyrotechnic background

  • 2 paths of pyro fountains 
  • 8-10 extra large pyro-flashes (8 m)
  • a pair of boosted revolving pyrotechnic pinwheels
  • cascade path of pyro-fountains
  • pyrotechnic Sun
  • ultra large pyrotechnic fan (5m, 9 arms)

Tricks to expect

  • wow-effect dancing  with pyrotechnic fans in the Grand Final of the show;
  • fire breathing
  • solo with a large burning cube (1 m)
  • dancing with fire fans
  • solo with burning fire balls
  • solo with sparkling pyro hula hoop
  • ladies duo with large flaming spheres
  • and more...

Music tracks

1 - 2

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