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A Magical Trip To The Outer Space

As the name vividly suggests, Galaxy is a mesmerising light show with performers dressed in futuristic LED light costumes, dancing with brightly shining LED spheres in their hands. Get ready for dynamic choreography, impressive gymnastics, and some skillful juggling.

There are two different versions of this particular act. The first one is all about the vigorousity thanks to the rhythms of experimental Dubstep, while the second is more elegant, very melodic, and flowy. 

Are you looking for the perfect entertainment for your upcoming event that revolves around space, technologies, innovations, or similar? Well here you go… Galaxy is your answer. The show is also visually well fitting for winter time (for example Christmas) parties.

Should you be in need of more than just one performance for the night, we kindly recommend our convenient show packages that consist of two or more shows. If you're looking for similar shows to go with Galaxy, check out Pure Diamonds or White Illusion.


4 - 15 minutes


3 - 8


Mesmerizing, mysterious, contrasting

Сomposition of the show

Costume: elegant fullbody UV glowing suits, decorated with blue-white LED lights Props: small and large "starry" luminous balls with white LED lights Dance: dynamic or melodic choreography with elements of rhythmic gymnastics and spinning of LED balls

Music tracks

1 - 4

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